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Charleene Nicely, PhD and Lethea Gerbers, RMT offer Transpersonal Psychology and Energy Work to heal body, mind, & spirit.   Call to schedule individual sessions or to sponsor group trainings in your area! 

All services are offered in person or virtually.

Be empowered as you reclaim your life and self-worth.


Charleene Nicely, PhD

“I integrate spiritual and psychological principles in order to empower people to see beyond physical world limitations.  Through meditation and other tools I can help you connect with your intuition and guides.”

 Charleene Nicely, PhD is an experienced clinical psychologist with a transpersonal perspective. She helps families and individuals integrate NDEs, spiritual awakenings and other mystical experiences. Her joy is helping people expand their sense of who they are and what they can accomplish. This process often helps them reduce symptoms of anxiety, relationship strain, and depression. She has additional training and experience working with people recovering from trauma and from substance abuse. She is a trainer with the Monroe Institute and leads groups in exploring expanded states of consciousness.  You can host a group in your area and attend for free! 


Charleene Nicely, PhD is an

International Workshop Leader, Clinical Psychologist, Reiki Master Teacher, and Spiritual Coach.


Dr. Charleene Nicely is a sought-after international group facilitator for exploring expanded states of consciousness.  She has empowered hundreds of people to discover more of who they really are since 1990, both through her own programs and through the Monroe Institute. Her joy is helping people integrate spiritually transformative experiences into their life and relationships.  Spiritually transformative experiences, which include NDEs, can change how you think about yourself and shift your sense of reality. She is effective in helping people integrate the aftereffects of an NDE or other spiritually transformative event.  

She has taught the NDE Intensive and related courses with Dr. Scott Taylor for over a dozen years. She brings a mix of humor, passion and understanding to her work, with a focus on practical applications.

Dr. Nicely also teaches Reiki Classes with her wife and partner Lethea Gerbers.

 Dr. Nicely can be reached at:

(828) 778-4721


Lethea Gerbers

“Intuitive Healing, Release Pain, Balance Energies”

Lethea, aka ”Hot Hands”, is a gifted, intuitive healer since childhood. She removes pain and balances your energy fields using a light, gentle touch on your head, shoulders, or at the location of the physical distress. Lethea is a Reiki Master Teacher who follows her guides and intuition in providing just what you need to feel whole and relaxed. She uses a variety of healing approaches including the Kabbalah, Access Consciousness ‘Bars’, Delphi University, Mediumship, Qi Gong, Chelation, and acupressure.  She offers in person and remote healings.  Lethea can be reached at:

(828) 424-9099

Empowering you through Guidance and Energy Healing

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